Broadcasting Studio



CRI LED dedicated broadcasting studio LED solution adopts high-resolution LED walls as the content presentation carrier and integrates the virtual & reality combination, virtual implantation, large-screen packaging, online packaging, convergence media access, streaming media newsfeed, data visualization and more into one. It has achieved the-next-level improvement in generating the atmosphere, diversifying the information, strengthening the communication between TV hosts/news anchors and interviewees/on-the-spot reporters, and interacting with the audiences, which greatly enhances the information interactivity and selectivity, giving strong visual impacts to the audiences and bringing revolutionary transformation for program presentation.

Application Case


Multi-window display

Single-screen mirroring, multi-window interaction or multi-screen display meets flexible switching on-screen display of video, graphics, images, wireless projection content, etc.

Multi-role operation

The meeting host and participants can realize different functions such as multi-screen writing, annotation, underlining and voting, as well as comparative analysis of multiple charts, reports and files when in group discussions.

Multi-function application

Multi-party remote video conferencing, whiteboard writing, meeting minutes recording & sharing, intelligent conference central control, and extensible applications can meet more needs from users.

Multi-terminal control

Intelligent touch podium, tablet PC, wall-mounting touch screen can interconnect the meeting room with linkage control. Click and quickly start the preset conference scene.

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