Customer is our God, quality is God's requirement,
customersatisfaction is our eternal purpose.

After-Sale Service

Troubleshooting Method

Confirm and connect the serial line

Replace the computer

Replace the serial line

Replace Send card

Install new software or install a separate USB driver

Warranty Period

Two years warranty, and life-long maintenance and technical advisory services;

Quality warranty period from the date of delivery of the factory.

Scope of Warranty

Purchase directly of our products

Non direct purchasing our products

Warranty Way

Repair, or by express or other means

Response Speed

After receiving the product, Average within 24 hours after the repair is completed, will sent products back.

Eight hours after get contaction, will offer our solutions.

Within Warranty Period

Warranty expenses undertaken by the side who defects, damages the goods, If the fault occurs due to our equipment reasons, causes our investigation and repair the fault until the requirements and performance indicators meet the final acceptance, or replacement of defective materials, are free.

After the expiration of the warranty period

Our engineering and technical personnel in the maintenance of receiving written notice, promise to the scene to provide support and service in 48 hours, only charge the product cost and the labor service fee (according to the communication with the customer circumstances).

In any of the following circumstances will not be in the warranty agreement

Can not prove the procurement of the products in our company

Accidents or other natural disasters such as force majeure damage;

Damage caused by lightning strike or other power system reason;

For custody or improper use or immersion corrosion.